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Would you like to print your Booklet, course book for large and small presentation or class, print in size 8.5"x11" at an attractive price. Small or large quantity, color or black/white with choices of paper cover and indoor varied according to your needs. Make the choice of a spiral binding, or folded stapled, or squared to meet the expectations of your readers.

Order online and pickup at the store! We are Next to Côte-Dès-Neiges subway

We print booklet and course book for students from universities across Montreal, Quebec, Laval, Sherbrooke and Ottawa: UdeM, UqaM, Mcgill, Concordia University, Jewish General Hospital, Saint Mary's Hospital, Sainte Justine Hospital, Instituto Geriatria, and many more!

Montreal booklet, course pack, course book, work shop booklet printing

High quality, fast and very cost-effective.

Product Specifications
Product Size:
Body type:
Print Type:
Front cover:
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Back cover:
Print Type:
Page Count:
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Quality: Standard 600 dpi
Turnaround Time:
Same days (max. 10 Qs.)
Customer Note:
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Unit Price:
Service Fee (Per Unit)
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Total (before tax):
The final size of your booklet will be in letter size 8.5X11.
If the file size is not equal to 8.5X11, the file will be adjusted proportionally.
If the file contains landscape and portrait pages, the landscape pages will be rotated counterclockwise.
The maximum page that a binding can contain is 400 pages. If the file exceeds this limit, the work will be divided into several workbooks.
Small quantities are made the same day. For large works the delay is 1-3 working days.
The uploaded files can all be combined or divided by chapter. If the second option is preferred, make sure to number the files (Ex: 01 ch, 02 ch, 03 ch, etc.)
Recommendations to students: Quantity discounts apply. Send us all your work at the same time to benefit from it.
During the recuperation, you will be asked to present your valid student card.

Would you like to pay only 

2.5¢ per print, you need order more than 5,000 pages (2side) to print

per print, you need order more than 10,000 pages (2side) to print

Sample: If you have 4 different files that would be in total 1000 pages and you need chose binding for them,

It should put in

Page count : 250

Quantity: 4

the reason is: "have the currect fee for the Binding"

Please note : there will be a 10¢ (b-w) and 39 ¢ color charge per print for all additional pages that you did not specify or calculated when you placed your order online.
There is 60¢ extra charge for trasparent sheet.
About Us

CopyCa Located in the heart of the popular neighborhood of Côte-des-neiges and close to its metropolitan station, CopyCa is a hybrid space where individuals and professionals come to benefit from quality services such as printing, copying, and other special services.

Copyca has a self-service, easy-to-access center and a state-of-the-art production department. The production space is equipped with innovative machines capable of printing in laser or ink various items such as cards, stickers, large format posters, books and many others.

Contact Us 5298 Ch. De La Côte-Des-Neiges, Montreal, QC H3T 1Y2, CANADA Telephone: +1 514 344 9728 Fax: +1 514 344 9754 EMail:
Business Hours Monday to Friday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Saturday - Sunday Closed please note, we are closed on June 24th and first of July.
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