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Perfect binding has rapidly become the ideal and excellent choice for photo books, self-published books, magazines, catalogs, product brochures, corporate reports, manuals, or any premium product. It is preferred in the business world, beyond great visual appeal, because it delivers a professional presentation at an inexpensive cost. Examples of perfect bound books that have become very popular are: School Books, Cook Books, Directories, and Periodicals.


Why Perfect Binding is a popular choice? 

  • A perfect bound book will provide clean, elegant, high quality, beautiful, and professional look.
  • Create a professional personalized presentation
  • Order short run, digital, small or bulk perfect bound books.
  • Enjoy printing on top premium paper!
  • With a strong, durable spine that won’t crack or break due to extreme high or low temperatures.
  • The low production costs make it affordable for many projects.
  • Perfect bound books give your readers the premium reading experience.


How much does it cost to perfect binding and advanced book printing?

Our price calculator can tell you that. Thanks to our online ordering system, 24-hour access to our services is provided customers.


Ordering Online is super simple!
Ordering your perfect binding and advanced book printing online is easier than you think. Just fill out your requirements and upload your files to place your order.


We print booklets and course books for all Universities of Montreal, Quebec, Laval, Sherbrooke, and Ottawa: Université de Montréal, Université du Québec à Montréal, McGill University, Concordia University, Jewish General Hospital, St. Mary's Hospital, Centre hospitalier universitaire Sainte-Justine, and more!


Print your "Black and White" or "Full-Color" perfect bind books, today!


Questions? Need help?
If you interest in perfect binding and advanced book printing, and need help deciding through the different options, please contact us. We are happy to assist you.
We are Next to Côte-Dès-Neiges Metro Station, Montreal (QC).

Product Specifications
Product Size:
Body type:
Print Type:
Cover type:
Print Type:
Perfect Binding: Perfect bind
Page Count:
Color CMYK (Digital) Page Count:
Black and white Page Count:
(+More Info)
Quality: Standard 600 dpi
Turnaround Time:
5-7 Business days
Customer Note:
Upload File
Unit Price:
Service Fee (Per Unit)
Unit Discount:
Unit Net Price:
Setup & Packaging:
Total (before tax):
If the number of pages in your file is not equal to the size that you have chosen, the final output size will be adjusted proportionally.
If the file contains landscape and portrait pages, these pages will be turned counterclockwise.
Please note: The maximum thickness for perfect binding is 1.85 in.
Large orders (100 or more)take 7-10 business days to produce and complete.

Whether you're formatting your book for print , there are some pagination rules you must follow.
For your printed book, you need
at least 80 pages for 2 sides printing (That would be 40 sheets)
at least 40 pages for 1 side printing (That would be 40 sheets)
We require a MINIMUM of 40 sheets/paper in order to bind the book.

If you don't have enugh pages for perfect bind there are two others option too.

Option A: Magazin or brouchor printing fold and stape binding
Option B: Booklet with spiral or wiro binfing

Since discounts are calculated based on volume and number of works, it is recommended that the more works are ordered to get the maximum discount.
Please note: There is an additional charge of 10¢ and 39¢ respectively to print each "black & white" and "color" page, which were not specified or calculated when ordering online.
It's strongly recommended to chose lamination for cover in order to avoid Ink Subject to Scratches/Cracking.
The file must have a margin of error (Bleed Zone) of 1/8" and all elements (images and text) must be within the safety margin.
Please note that your files will be printed without changing the page layout. So be sure the pages of your files are arranged within the page layout that you request. If you want us to fit them within the page layout that you specify, it will cost you extra. In this regard, call us for an order.

On this page, you'll find the steps to create your soft cover if the perfect bind

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