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  • We offer extraordinary architectural printing services at competitive prices.
  • The high-quality paper used for architectural printing makes every detail stand out with the meticulous accuracy required by architects and builders.
  • For architectural printing, we’ve got options to suit every project and budget.
  • We have a vast experience in architectural printing services.
  • Our plan printing service is perfect for the projects of your business, if you’re an architect, contractor, builder, plumber, electrician, surveyor, gardener or design engineer, or construction company.
  • We know how important quality architectural printing is.
  • The state-of-the-art equipment, latest architectural printing technology and high-quality paper are used to ensure we provide outstanding services.
  • Impress your clients and grow your business with our premium architectural printing services at a low price!


How much does it cost to print your architectural plans and posters?

Our price calculator can tell you that. All architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning and design students can enjoy 50% discounts by ordering from our architectural poster and plan printing services.


Ordering Online is super simple!

Ordering your architectural printing online is easier than you think. Just fill out your requirements and upload your files to place your order.


Questions? Need help?

If you interest in printing your architectural plans and posters and need help deciding through the different options, please contact us. We are happy to assist you. We are Next to Côte-Dès-Neiges Metro Station, Montreal (QC).

Product Specifications
Media Type:
Size Type:
Standard Size:
Custom Size:
Dimensions are too large. Size is not acceptable.
From 1 to 9 products: 0% discount
From 10 to 19 products: 5% discount
From 20 to 29 products: 10% discount
From 30 to 49 products: 15% discount
More than 50 products: 20% discount
Default Finishing: Cut to Size
Optional Finishing:
Turnaround Time:
Next Business Days
Customer Note:
Upload File
Unit Price:
Service Fee (Per Unit)
Unit Discount:
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For the quantity you need to put the total pages tht you needs.


If you only heve one file with 17 pages and you need only one copy, the quantity would be 17

If you need 4 copies of 9 pages (your file has 9 pages), the quantity would be 36 pages

Standard paper is 20 lb.
The prices shown are valid for digital files only.
Your file must be in a PDF format.
Be sure the size of your file is compatible with the size that you request. If not, the final output size will be enlarged or reduced proportionally.
The Print orientation depends of your file mode. In other words, vertical or horizontal print mode for your document is determined based on your file. The requested size does not mean that your print orientation should be landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical), but these dimensions determine the length and width of the print
The choice of "Turnaround Time" is directly referring to the production time. We are responsible for printing posters on time. Postal delivery time is beyond our control.
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