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Whether you’re trying to message passersby, customers, employees or event guests, your personalized posters will be the great, easiest, quickest, and often artistic way to advertise services and products, capture attention, and gain interest. It’s also perfect to design and print posters that match the theme of personal events like weddings. Lamination adds extra durability to posters and protects them from moisture, wrinkles, wear and tear for long-term or specific use. Promotional posters are also a great and inexpensive way to grab attention in shop windows or in bigger spaces. Your posters with their professional-looking design are an eye-catching way to promote your brand and can attract more and more potential customers.

Why CopyCa is the excellent choice for poster printing?

  • Full-color and high-quality poster printing
  • Premium quality papers
  • The variety of sizes lets you turn any walls or windows into opportunities.
  • We are proud to keep our prices low and efficiencies high in order to satisfy customers.
  • Our poster print is a perfect choice for a big impact at affordable price.
  • We are strove to be the best in our poster printing services.
  • Among the advantages of this company are low cost, efficiency, high-quality products and excellent services.
  • Our high-quality poster printing help you take advantage of almost any open space for advertising for your business - at affordable price.
  • Having all kinds of poster printing equipment and technology
  • We take great care and attention to know about state-of-the-art poster printing.
  • Make a big impact for any occasion with professional posters.
  • ...


How much does it cost to print your posters?

Our price calculator can tell you that.


If you interest in printing your posters and need help deciding through the different options, please contact us. We are Next to Côte-Dès-Neiges Metro Station, Montreal (QC).

Product Specifications
Media Type: Canvas 280 gsm.
Size Type:
Standard Size:
Custom Size:
Dimensions are too large. Size is not acceptable.
From 1 to 2 products: 0% discount
From 3 to 5 products: 5% discount
From 6 to 10 products: 10% discount
More than 11 products: 20% discount
Default Finishing: Cut to Size Rolled and packed in a plastic bag
Optional Finishing:
Turnaround Time:
3 Business hours
Customer Note:
Upload File
Unit Price:
Service Fee (Per Unit)
Unit Discount:
Unit Net Price:
Setup & Packaging:
Total (before tax):
Your file must be in a PDF format.
The size of your file must not exceed 200 MB.
In order to take advantage of additional discounts on your order if you have multiple files, we recommend you put all your posters in one .pdf file or compress all of them into one .rar or .zip file before uploading them.
Minimum recommended resolution is 300 dpi (dots per inch).
Be sure the size of your file is compatible with the size that you request. If not, the final output size will be enlarged or reduced proportionally.
The quality of all our papers is high. If you want to know their quality, we highly recommend you to come to the store and see them closely.
The standard resolution is suitable for the majority of posters, including scientific, academic, and advertisement posters, etc. without small text. The ultra-resolution is recommended for posters containing very high-resolution photos.
The choice of "Turnaround Time" is directly referring to the production time. We are responsible for printing posters on time. Postal delivery time is beyond our control.
The cutoff time for "Standard Turnaround Time" is 11 AM EST and for "RUSH Turnaround Time" is 17 PM EST.
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