Sidewalk Signs
sidewalk-signs A great way to attract foot traffic, Consul Display Sidewalk Signs make a big statement at storefronts. With signage visible from both sides, wholesale Consul Display are convenient to display and easy to update
Product Specifications
Media Type: Aluminium and plastic
Standard Size:
More than 1 products: 20% discount
Quality: 10-13oz Matte-glacé Vinyl (waterproof)
Default Finishing: Cut to size. Installed in banner stand.
Turnaround Time:
Standard 2-3 business days
Customer Note:
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Unit Price:
Service Fee (Per Unit)
Unit Discount:
Unit Net Price:
Setup & Packaging:
Total (before tax):
Full-color printed 24” X 36” banner.
Aluminum frame
Retractable mechanism
Easy setup; It only takes a few seconds to install.
Lightweight and portable
Stabilizing feet
Since separate files can be printed on each side, two files are required. Therefore, if only one file is sent, that file will be printed on both sides of the sidewalk sign.
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