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The reference size is the one you enter your order choice. If the size of your project differs from the selected one, it will be enlarged or reduced proportionally to match the size chosen.

You can choose some standard sizes that already exist.

To select non-standard sizes you can select "custom".

Many non-standard sizes can be realized and must be specified in inches or cm.
Be advised:
1/ There is a limit with the width on certain roll-up (For example 52" for the majority of our roll-up).
There is no limit for the length of the following list of item

Print orientation

(Vertical or horizontal print mode)

The Print orientation depends of your file mode. In other words, vertical or horizontal print mode for your document is determined based on your file.

The requested size does not mean that your print orientation should be landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical), but these dimensions determine the length and width of the print (e.g. 24x34 in).

For example:

1. In both vertical and horizontal print modes, the selected size needs to be set 24x36 in.

2. If your original file is the portrait (vertical), it will also be printed vertically. However, if it is the landscape (horizontal), it will finally be printed horizontally.

See more sample:

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