Terms and Conditions
Size: The reference size is the one you enter your order choice. If the size of your project differs from the selected one, it will be enlarged or reduced proportionally to match the size chosen. - Standard: You can choose some standard sizes that already exist. To select non-standard sizes you can select "custom". - Custom: Many non-standard sizes can be realized and must be specified in inches or cm. Be advised: 1/ There is a limit with the width on certain roll-up (For example 52" for the majority of our roll-up). There is no limit for the length of the following list of item: Quality a/ Satin glossy 200 gsm 98%-99% brightness (white) b/ Satin semi-glossy 120 gsm 98% brightness (white) c/ Satin mat 240 gsm 88%-92% brightness (white yellowish) (white yellow pase) d/ Tissue 10-15% transparent 98% brightness (white) e/ Banner mat 96% brightness (white) f/ Banner glossy 98%-100% brightness (white) g/ Sticker mat 3 mil. (permanent) 98%-100% brightness (white) h/ Glassy Sticker 3 mil. (permanent) 98%-100% brightness (white) i/ Sticker (temporary) 92%-94% brightness (white grey-wish) If you don't know very well the different quality we suggest you strongly to come here to see our samples! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Cancellation / Re-found:

The company policy is to serve our clients with a high-quality product, a competitive rapidity, and attractive prices. In case of cancellation, if the call to cancel is too late (production has already been made) the work cannot be undone and must be paid. In case of cancellation within a very short time after it has been sent, the client must cover a cancellation cost which is about min. $5 for the order less than $100 and 15% for the order more than $100 of the work price to compensate the establishing work like setup fee ,paper order for this job and the other article cost that we ordered specially for this order .

All the info-graphics orders like:

Modifications, adjustments, resizing ,lay-outing and etc.

As your order have been personalized only for you after submitting your the order, we cannot cancel or refund.
(It is important to know that your order will be useful only for you and nobody else who can use your files! Please finalize your decision before submitting your order.
Thank you for your understanding

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